How to Use This Site

With the new software interface starting in April 2012, arranging the release list by date in descending order (release dates furthest in the future at the top of the page) is no longer feasible. Instead, book order will be by the date I post the entry, with the release month noted in the label box at the bottom of the post. Of course, it will take until the end of the year for this new system to be apparent on the front page. As before, please keep in mind that these posts are often made months in advance of release, so dates will frequently change.

Releases can also be browsed by month by clicking on the desired sidebar link or searched for using the sidebar search box.

Upcoming American Civil War Books is associated with the book news, review, and interview website Civil War Books and Authors. One can expect many of the titles listed here to be reviewed on CWBA at a future date.