Title: Civil War!: A Missing Piece of the Puzzle Northeast Arkansas 1861-1874

Author: Freeman Mobley
Release: June
Publisher: Createspace

Publisher's Description:
From the beginning of the Civil War until its conclusion, Arkansas served as a major cornerstone for many operations of both Confederacy and Union forces along the Mississippi River. Raids, offensives, and guerrilla warfare played a major role in the formation of Northeastern Arkansas. What is unknown to many, the Civil War did not officially end until 1874, when President Ulysses Grant interceded after the last engagements were fought in Arkansas by over 4,000 soldiers resulting in the deaths of over two hundred men, the majority of whom were Negro militia. Rich in detail, thoroughly researched, and full of firsthand accounts, award-winning Civil War! A Missing Piece of the Puzzle is the definitive analysis of the role played by Northeast Arkansas in the most devastating conflict in the history of the United States. The culmination of over sixty years of research and interviews, Freeman Mobley’s breathtaking look at Arkansas’ pivotal role in American history is nothing short of astonishing.