Title: The History of the Sixteenth Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment: We Were Spoiling for a Fight (Volume 1)

Author: Jamie Gillum
Release: April
Publisher: Createspace
Publisher's Description:
This is the story of the Sixteenth Tennessee Infantry Regiment in the American Civil War. Where they were, who they fought and what they did is chronicled in this day by day account of the lives of the boys in this Confederate regiment. This study is written in three volumes, each covering about sixteen months of the war. From an immense number of surviving sources including letters, diaries (some never published) and memoirs comes the fascinating story of common soldiers in the most trying and difficult ordeal of their lives. A great reference for those interested in the Army of Tennessee, Cheatham's Division or Donelson's/Wright's/Carter's/Maney's Brigades. Volume I - April 1861 to August 1862 - chronicles their organization and their campaigns in the mountians of Virginia, the South Carolina coast and the contest for Corinth, Mississippi with preparations for the Kentucky Campaign. Volume II - September 1862 to December 1863 - includes the Battles of Perryville, Murfressboro, the Tullahoma Campaign, the Battles of Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge and withdrawal to Dalton, Georgia. Volume III - January 1864 thru May 1865 - includes the battles and skirmishes of the Atlanta Campaign (Resaca, Marietta, July 20th and 22nd), Jonesboro, Franklin, Nashville, the retreat from Tennessee with the final battle at Bentonville. It also chronicles their return home and the hardships that faced the men and their families. Learn thier hopes, thier joys and their fears in this consolidated diary of a regiment of Tennessee volunteers. Experience triumph, death, desertion and despair alongside the men who lived it and continued Tennessee's legacy of bravery and patriotism in America's greatest struggle.