Title: Armies South, Armies North: The Military Forces of the Civil War Compared and Contrasted
Title: The Legion's Fighting Bulldog: The Civil War Correspondence of William Gaston Delony, Lieutenant Colonel of Cobb's Georgia Legion Cavalry, and Rosa Delony, 1853-1863
Title: The Confederate Homefront: A History in Documents
Title: A Field Guide to Gettysburg, Second Edition: Experiencing the Battlefield through Its History, Places, and People
Title: The Home Voices Speak Louder Than the Drums: Dreams and the Imagination in Civil War Letters and Memoirs
Title: The Confederate Cherokees: John Drew's Regiment of Mounted Rifles
Title: Gettysburg Contested: 150 Years of Preserving America's Cherished Landscapes
Title: Armies in Gray: The Organizational History of the Confederate States Army in the Civil War
Title: America's Civil War: The Blue and the Gray in History, Myth, and Memory
Title: Chasing Mosby, Killing Booth: The 16th New York Volunteer Cavalry
Title: Three Cheers for the Chesapeake!: History of the 4th Maryland Light Artillery Battery in the Civil War
Title: The Army of Tennessee: Organization, Strength, Casualties, 1862-1865
Title: Hidden History of Civil War Savannah
Title: Civil War Reminiscences of Orlando T. Hanks
Title: Held in Highest Esteem by All: the Civil War Letters of William B. Chilvers, 95th Illinois Infantry
Title: Fighting in the Shadows: The Untold Story of Deaf People in the Civil War